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Spider-Man Funko Pops

At Pop In A Box UK, you can find the most marvellous range of officially licensed Spider-Man Funko Pops — perfect for bringing balance to your cosmic collection of comic-book-related memorabilia.

These are the best gifts for Marvel fans, so start browsing today to discover a variety of products, including Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures, clothing items, and much more!

Looking to join the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man on some amazing adventures? This is the perfect place to add to (or begin) your collection of Spider-Man Funko Pop! Vinyl figures!


Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) is a superhero created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko. Originally appearing in the comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962, he has since become one of, if not the most popular Marvel superhero in the franchise.

Peter Parker is an orphan who was raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in New York City after his parents died in a plane crash. Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider, which granted him unique abilities: superhuman strength, the ability to climb walls, Spidey Sense, speed, and endurance.

Due to his high intellect, he was also able to build wrist-mounted web-shooters.

In 2002, we finally got to see Peter make his appearance in a live-action trilogy directed by Sam Raimi and embodied by Toby Maguire. Andrew Garfield also portrayed the role for a 2012 reboot, and Tom Holland replaced him when the character appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Spidey Senses Are Tingling

We get it. It must be hard deciding on just one item to purchase. But don’t worry, with our multi-buy offers and incredible prices, you build a collection as large as the Multiverse in no time!

If that’s still not enough, our Spider-Man Funko Pops provide the ideal opportunity to celebrate your favorite hero (in true Funko fashion).

Stay up to date with all the latest releases in our Spider-Man Funko Pops page. We are constantly updating our line-up to satisfy your collecting needs.