How does it work?

Pop in a Box allows you to grow your Pop! collection every month with a guaranteed mystery Funko Pop! Vinyl that's not in your collection.

Step 1: Create your account.

Step 2: Login and use our Pop Collection Tracker to select the Pops you want, allowing you to easily collect commons as well as limited, Exclusive Pops, Chase Editions, Pop Rides and Pop Movie Moments to start growing your Pop collection! Never get Pops you don't want and never get a Pop that's already in your collection.

If you are going to purchase a specific franchise subscription (e.g. Star Wars) you only have to thumbs up/down Pops in that category - our system will automatically filter out all other franchises. (Please note this does not apply with Classic subscriptions)

Step 3: Select your preferred Monthly Mystery Funko Pop Subscription Box- choose from franchises such as Disney or Marvel Funko Pops, or collections such as Funko Pop Animation or Movies. Pick how many Pops you would like to receive per month (1, 2, 3, 6 or 12), depending on your budget.

Step 4: We'll do the rest! Simply wait for your Mystery Funko Pop Box to arrive at your door and don't forget to share the pictures of your #mailcall with us on Social Media for your chance to be featured on our pages!

Pop In A Box has a unique Pop! Tracker which allows us to know which figures you already have.

This means we will never send you a duplicate or a Pop! you don't want! Perfect for all Pop! Vinyl collectors everywhere!

Nothing worse than getting duplicate Popa or one that does not fit with your collection!

YES! You get 10% off ALL Funko items!

Essentially, if you buy 10 Pop! Vinyl Figures you get 1 free! This can be used on all of Funko's epic new releases!

As an added extra you also get a small discount with every order you make! 

*VIP status can take 48 hours to update.

Pop In A Box Classic

Our original subscription, this allows you to get Pop! Vinyls from every genre and franchise, with a chance to get rare, exclusive and oversized Pops! For a guaranteed Pop! Vinyl every month, look no further!

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