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The Legend Of How Christmas Stockings Started

Although stockings aren’t the main event on Christmas day, they still can be just as exacting as unwrapping your presents from under the Christmas tree.

According to traditions, the origins of the Christmas stocking involve a folkloric tale of a kindly Saint Nicholas and a poor family. Saint Nicholas went to a family's home and placed gold coins in the stockings of three poor sisters. One night, Saint Nicholas decided to throw bags of gold coins down the chimney instead, due to how poor the family was. These bags of coins landed in the stockings.

As with many other festive traditions, the custom of hanging a stocking didn’t come into place until the 19th Century.

What Are Good Stocking Fillers?

It might be a breeze to conjure up a few good ideas for your family and friends, but when you’re picking out stocking stuffers, there’s one more tiny little thing you have to take into consideration: the size. Fortunately for you, Pop In A Box offer a huge selection of small Funko Pops that will fit comfortably in a stocking. So you don’t have to spend days b

The beauty of a stocking filler is the fact that they can be less expensive than some of the main Christmas presents, meaning you can fill those stockings with cheap (but quality) treats that’ll put a smile on your giftees face.

Many of our Stocking Filler gifts are under £15, making these collectables an affordable addition to a stocking.

Where To Buy Cheap Stocking FIllers

You’ve arrived at the perfect place to fill those stockings! At Pop In A Box, we offer the widest range of Funko Pop! Vinyl and Pop! Keychains on the market. These small collectables can fit easily into any stocking, so be sure to get one before they sell out!

If you’re still in the process of your Xmas shopping, we’ve made the task easier for you with our gift guide to finding the cheapest stocking fillers on the market.

Stocking Filler Gifts

Plump up that stocking with some premium grade stocking fillers right here at Pop In A Box. Our carefully curated list of stocking filler gifts provides you with some inspiration for those last-minute fillers.

So, while these may be minor additions to the stocking on that momentous morning, you have a variety of franchises to pick from, meaning you won’t struggle for ideas.

Wondering whether these Funko Pop are suitable for the one receiving the present? These stocking fillers can be a major treat for anyone interested in video gaming, TV, film, and many more franchises in pop culture: MarvelStar WarsDC Comics, Disney, Harry Potter, and Nightmare Before Christmas.