The Last Of Us TV Show Cast: Who Are They Playing?

Meet The Last Of Us TV show cast, and learn more about the characters they will be playing in HBO's live-action adaption of the Naughty Dog video game.

2023-01-13 09:24:39 By Michael Adamson


Top Ten Best Walking Dead Episodes

With 11 seasons to get our teeth into, not to mention the amazing spin-off shows that are presently gracing our screens, The Walking Dead is a definite contender for one of the best television series to date. So, with perhaps some of the greatest moments in television history, what are the best Walking Dead episodes?

2022-10-26 09:16:03By Angus Scott


Top Ten Female Horror Movie Killers & Villains

These spine-chillingly scary female villains and killers will be sure to leave you sleeping with the light on at night. So you don't have to do the scary research, Pop In A Box have put together a top ten female horror movie killers and villains article so you can watch them this Halloween (warning: spoilers ahead).

2022-09-30 10:42:21By Angus Scott

Top 10

Top Ten Most Expensive TV Shows 2022

With streaming platforms (such as Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime) getting more and more competitive by the day, it comes as no surprise that streaming services are creating increasingly expensive TV series. 

2022-09-07 10:12:32 By Angus Scott

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