What Is A Chase Funko Pop? The Best Guide To Collecting Funko Pops

What Is A Chase Funko Pop? Many avid collectors and first-time buyers of Funko products may be wondering what this alternate variant is. In short, a Chase Funko Pop is a rare variant of a common Funko figure, which has subtle and different features compared to the standard figurine. These are typically what most collectors want when purchasing one online as they are the rare alternative.

When entering the world of Funko, you might be overwhelmed with the amount of variety and terminology that exists in the collecting community. So you don’t get confused, we’ve trawled the internet into every nook and cranny to answer the question of ‘What is a Chase Funko Pop?’

What Is A Chase Funko Pop?

These rare variants differ slightly from the original figure it’s based on. It can be recognised by its different appearance or by its unique golden sticker at the front of the box. When bought brand new off Pop In A Box, the Chase is the same price as the regular Pop; this is because you can’t predict when you might receive a Chase Pop.

When a figure is produced with a Chase variant, they are listed on site ‘w/Chase’. This indicates that when you purchase, you have a chance to receive a one in six Chase variant.

How Rare Are Chase Funko Pops?

For every six Funko Pops ordered from Pop In A Box, one lucky customer will receive a Chase variant. As you can already imagine, this means that these type of Funko variations are seen as very rare. It stands to reason that the fewer figurines created, the rarer they are.

However, just because a Pop may be rare doesn’t necessarily mean they are more valuable. If collectors aren’t excited about the Chase Pop Vinyl, the price might not be much more than a regular collectable.

Rare Funko Pop Types

Have you ever wondered what other rare Funko Pops there are? If you have, check out the other variants below!


What is a Flocked Funko Pop? Instead of the usual vinyl texture, it has instead been coated with a fuzzy texture.

Glow In The Dark

This variant may not be very obvious in the light, but once the Pop is in the dark you’ll be able to see the figure start to glow.


Metallic figures look similar to their standard counterparts except some of their paints have a metallic sheen to them.


These Funko Pops are typically coated in a specific colour of chrome paint.

Black Light

One of the newer additions to the Funko world, a Black Light Funko Pop are extremely colourful and will be sure to stand out within your collection.

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